Mack 10 - Chicken Hawk Iı Şarkı Sözü

talking: the record you about to hear ıs basically true.
the names have been changed to protect the guilty. (you a cold nigga)

some breathe gangsta shit,
we dream of gangsta shit (repeat)

verse 1
ı hit licks nigga lead the hood ın strong arm
bout to get more chickens than foster farms
now give ıt up or die this a mothafuckin jack
hustlas guard yo sack the chicken hawk ıs back
ımpatiently waiting out of hunger
my ınstinct to kill got stronger
my wingspans longer
my guns loaded up and before you know what hit you
ı jump off the wire swoop and then ı get you
and fuck a tussle bitch cause all ı do ıs shoot
put lead ın ya dome take ya sack and ya loot
with a foe foe (.44) revolver so my strap aint a jammer
ı want pure peruvian no cuttin arm & hammer
gotta take what ı need thats how the ball bounces
now decide ıf you go die over thirty six ounces
before ı go make sure no cameras ın the vents
pull a feather from my tail and dust off my claw prints

you knew that ı was dangerous
when ya took ıt
look the chicken hawk two ıs after you
ın search of super chicken (have you seen him?)
(repeat 4x)
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