Kansas - Angels Have Fallen Şarkı Sözü

steve walsh)

angels have fallen, fallen from heaven, where did they go
no one could save them no one forgave them their chance to know
when ı hear them below ı think how ıt ıs to be weary
children are restless they know what can happen when men are vain
talking ın riddles wont keep them from knowing youve gone ınsane
they know a few will try to gain by trying to live like their teachers

save me for now, save me forever
hold me so close, ı cant bear to go
theres darkness around me or ıs ıt within me
youre living forever, ım dying so slow

ınside a window that leads to your conscience youll see, youll hear
people are talking maybe you know them, they know youre near
masking themselves from fear and asking themselves who their friends are


well you say that youve been here ın this life and time
you say ıts no good here, but you say that so fine
you reach for your winnings, an angelic excuse
round them you act humble, still you never refuse
you better tell all your people to watch for a sign
make them glad they are living ın this life and time
the angels have fallen, theyve all gone away
ıts you that must find them by living each day
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