David Bowie - 1984 Şarkı Sözü

someday they wont let you, so now you must agree
the times they are a-telling,
and the changing ısnt free
youve read ıt ın the tea leaves, and the tracks are on tv
beware the savage jaw
of 1984

theyll split your pretty cranium, and fill ıt full of air
and tell that youre eighty, but brother, you wont care
youll be shooting up on anything, tomorrows neverthere
beware the savage jaw
of 1984

come see, come see, remember me?

we played out an all night movie role

you said ıt would last, but ı guess we enrolled

ın 1984 (who could ask for more)
1984 (who could ask for mor-or-or-or-ore)

ım looking for a vehicle, ım looking for a ride
ım looking for a party, ım looking for a side

ım looking for the treason that ı knew ın 65

beware the savage jaw
of 1984


1984 [ad lib]
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