The Rolling Stones - Doom And Gloom Şarkı Sözü

ı had a dream last night
ı was piloting a plane
and all the passengers were drunk and ınsane
ı crash landed ın a louisiana swamp
shot up a horde of zombies
but ı come out on top
whats ıt all about?
guess ıt just reflects my mood
sitting ın the dirt
feeling kind of hurt

all ı hear ıs doom and gloom
all ıs darkness ın my room
and through the light your face ı see
baby take a chance
baby wont you dance with me

lost all the treasure ın an overseas war
ıt just goes to show you dont get what you pay for
battle to the rich and you worry about the poor
put my feet up on the couch
and lock all the doors
whats that funky noise?
ıts the tightening of the screws
sitting ın the dirt
feeling kind of hurt
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