Mack 10 - Made Niggaz Şarkı Sözü

[master p] (mack 10)
third ward, new orleans. to ınglewood.
to the motherfuckin world, nigga.
mack dime. (whats up my nigga?)
mystikal, and master p.
(they know, p, they know, they know.)

[hook:] (master p & mack 10) x 6
made niggaz from the south to the west!

[master p]
give me a chance to ball, put my name on the wall
how many killas done called, no limit niggaz stand tall
cuz we, mercenary soldiers, gone off a hennesy and that doja
runnin from the, (who?) motherfuckin rollers
slangin, (what?) tapes like cola
nigga, hangin with the big niggaz
penitentiary chances just to make six figures
no we fuckin (what?) gold and platinum
nigga, we made niggaz and we rappin
nigga, mack dime, mystikal and p
every rowdy bout ıt nigga wont you follow me?

[hook] x 4

watch me! ım throwed off, ı aint right!
bitch ıll do you somethin, ı aint wrapped tight!
ı roll with bullets like (?) and killas like versey
managed by tc and paid by big percy
whole lotta niggaz with me
you think ım lying, but ım not
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