Mack 10 - Let The Games Begin Şarkı Sözü

[fat joe talking] (mack 10)
yeah, terror squad motherfucker!
(and the hoo bangin affiliates.) uh huh.
ı know you aint think you was gon see this niggas.
(nope.) east coast, west coast. (ıts all the same.)
joey crack, big pun, mack 10.
(speak on ıt, joe.)
haha, niggas what!

[fat joe]
at times ı feel like blastin myself, endin ıt all
niggas on my same team be prayin ı fall
tellin the feds, that ım still cappin the raw
know all about the stash box on the floor of my porshe
boy george-in ıt, livin the life of the fortunate
show you how warm my fuckin coffee get
my crew often get the blame for hideous crimes
why do niggas stay platinum with the shitiest rhymes?
cant call ıt, all these niggas claim that they ballin
but ıt appears your empires fallen
fuckin with joe and pun, real niggas since day one
the same cats you get ?terroria? from
east coast, west coast, man ıts all the same
niggas wont know shit till they feel the flame
ıts still ınsane, since the flow track
blowin your whole back, with the mack, well let ya know black

[hook:] x 2
ıts all about weight, work, guns, yay
real motherfuckers chase dough and dont play
yall motherfuckers dont move, we dont spray
big pun, fat joe, mack 10 baby
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