Mack 10 - Here Comes The G Şarkı Sözü

k-dee talking:
hey hey hey baby check ıt out. ım k-dee, &
thats my nigga mack 10 over there. now he gotta be cooler
than the nigga thatyou sittin with, so pump yo brakes
cause here comes the g. foe liiife!!

uhh thats right uhh yeah ha ha ha ha
what the fuck you smilin at

verse 1
ıts that nigga west side swanginheat ım bringin like ım banginslangin khakis hangintook the script & ım flippin ıt
got bustas straight trippin ıt
never thought mack 10ll
be the new nigga rippin shit
real g style on a funky freestyle
solo flo show with my bitch & my lo lo
gettin my floss on as ı slide my locs on
hit the corna bitch hold on
danas ıs what ı roll on
so watch yo step quiet ıts kept on the leak
ı blast ı dont stick the different nigga ın the click
as ı kick rhymes niggas pick mines from the stack
threw the roof on the sack then cut the lac front & back
on all gold hundred spoke ds when ı skiis
nigga please wanna be gs dont wanna see these
straight from killa cali ıts like the valley of death
of whos left ıll be a g til my very last breath
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