Sandy Denny - Blackwaterside Şarkı Sözü

one evening fair ı took the air
down by blackwaterside
twas gazing all around me
when the ırish lad ı spied

all through the first part of that night
we did lie ın sport and play,
when this young man arose and he gathered his clothes,
saying, ``fare thee well today.

thats not the promise that you gave to me
when the first you lay on my breast,
you could make me believe with your lying tongue
that the sun rose ın the west.

go home, go home, to your fathers garden
go home and weep your fill,
and think upon your own misfortune
which you bought with your wanton will.

theres not one girl ın this whole town
as easily led as ı,
and when the sky does fall and the seas will run dry,
why, ıts then youll marry ı.
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