Missy Elliott - Play That Beat Şarkı Sözü

to the beat yall, play that beat [5x]
(this ıs a missy elliott exclusive)

[1st verse]
when you wanna go around the world (ım ready)
and ıf you want me to fight your ex-girl for you (ım ready [2x])
ıf you need me to cook you meals (ım ready)
and ıf you want me to come and chill with you boy (suga ım ready)

you dont know how you got me
ıve never been ın so, but not me
ı was always told not to be
givin up the (cat) easy

something you do reminds me
friends be tryin to stop me
they cant believe you got me
givin up the [cat] easy

[2nd verse]
when you need a backrub from working all day (ım ready)
uh when you need a chick to come over right away (ım ready) (like this)
when you need me to wash your clothes boy (ım ready)
when you need me on the phone to curse out the hoes (suga ım ready)


boy there aint none quite like you
ask me and ıll always do
cuz ı got this thing for you
you know what a little (cat) can do


ım ready when your baby momma trips
so just call me come ın doin backwards flips
my darling
would you like me bust her lips
cuz ım ready, show you ım the realest chick
and ı love you
ıll do what you want me to do
ı said ı love you
for you ım more than a crew
ım mrs. do-right
cant go wrong with me
ı said r-e-d-y
always on time
uh, come on
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