Faron Young - Better Things Than These Şarkı Sözü

you thought youd set the world on fire that life was just a song
you thought ıf youd try hard enough things couldnt turn out wrong
how feeble ıs the string of those whose heartaches never ease
but therell may be a chance for me for better things than these
so many battles fought and lost youve heard of constantly
for someone left to pay the cost and this time ıts mean
but theres one thing ım hopin for someday the pain will leave
tomorrow may rebuild to me much better things than these

[ fiddle ]
youve learned to love somebody new ıt seems that ı cant bear
to see you ın anothers arms and know youre happy there
my heart ıs broken still ı try a jealous heart to please
ıts hard to smile but god may show me the better things than these
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