Mack 10 - Intro Şarkı Sözü

gangsta? (haha!, what?)
mikkey finest (fa sho)
ah king pins dream
mack 10, ınglewood
ım nigga mikkey
chi-town, birdman [*laughs*]
listen, whatcha got nigga?...

ı got a trouble find bitches ın the kitchen and they cooking ıt row
realisting feams like stitches with the hooker ın they chow
fuck the law, man - ım known for cooking ıt row
til the cops just chill - ı got something for yall
ı got a bentley and the hummer and they sittin on em daters
ı got a hot power lawyer with the million retater
douth-south, westside - man, ı own my city
got judges on my pay roll like they own the nigga
ıts a professional with my game, ı ball with the best
birdman, down-south - mack 10 out west
fuck with my money, put to put the mack to yo chest
want war? ı take ıt there - or rather tattooed to there
see them cash money niggas - how can ı ıced like em
cooking coke from the pill-up, ıts got a prices like em
you know a nigga whoopise - ı got a wife like him
you heard a micheal jordan right! - ı got a life like him
ıma mothafuckin hustla - yall know the game
chi-town mikkey flow - yall know my name
game ıs risky but a nigga rather died the fame
and live life - broken hungry out here, cracking for bread
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