Marc Bolan - A Beard Of Stars Şarkı Sözü

every dawn of our lives a heart ıs forged and
linked with lore to the one so similar
born with blessed life dust
stored beneath ıts soul
to bless and pass ıt to ıts children.

even though the wind may blow ıt all away
dont ever worry cos ım your friend.

fghan woman, deemed a princess
born a true blue thoroughbred
head a chiselled face of fables
omen of no ıll

hills that spread around your chamber
blooms that twine around your ears
blossoms of the royalest texture angel of the years

clad ın sacks and scraps of linen
living neath your waterwell
praying that my youthy paupers face
will quench you well

gazelle girl striding through your palace
precious jewels nestle ın your hair
rameses born with platinum future
take my heart and care.
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir