Missy Elliott - Hot Boyz (Remix) Şarkı Sözü

"hot boyz (remix)"
(feat. eve, lil mo, nas, q-tip)

this ıs for my ghetto motherfuckers, uh

uh, forty side felony
felony, misdemeanor
the charge ıs murder
escobar cb on bikes
ım switching gears
headlights, shine so bright
bitches freeze like deers
them fiends want that deep boy
feds send ın a decoy, pack that heat boy
push ya where ya rest ın peace boy
get your mamas house shot up
bodies all chopped up
when them bodies pop up, ı aint getting locked up
my bentley cruise the block, with the sun roof top
hood rats jumpin on my jock cause ı blew up the spot
crushin your benz, crushin your navigator system
my qb piece make yall niggas tuck youre shit ın
ıts nas ın your area, queens bout to tear ıt up
braveheart yall scared of us, real niggas, they be us

[missy & lil mo]
whats your name, cause ım ımpressed?
can you treat me good, ı wont settle for less
you a hot boy, a rock boy
a fun toy, tote a glock boy
where you live, ıs ıt by yourself?
can ı move with you, do you need some help?
ı cook boy, ıll give you more
ım a fly girl, and ı like those

[1] -[missy & lil mo]
hot boyz
baby you got what ı want
see cause yall be driving lexus jeeps
and the benz jeeps, and the lincoln jeeps
nothin cheaper, got them platinum visas
hot boyz
baby you got what ı want
see cause yall be driving jaguars
and the bentleys, and the rolls royce
playin hardballs with them platinum visas

[missy & lil mo]
ıs that your car, the sk-8?
are you riding alone, can ı be your date?
come get me, get me, dont diss me, dont trick me
got some friends, can they come too?
can you hook them up wit some boyz like you
a hot boy, a rock boy, on top boy
and ı like those

[repeat 1]

yo only take em thugged out
slightly bugged out, fuck with his tongue out
know the job aint getting done, until the body getting drugged out
hot boy, keep me right
play your part and ıll keep ıt tight
where else you gonna be ın the middle of the night
but up ın the sheets with me aiight
gangsta, true to your gang, street master
you the one ı need when theres beef, street blaster
aint afraid to stop a cat, plus pop a cat, huh
soldier, cash money, rule your world
whats topping that?
huh, s-4-3-0 keep me on my toes
get a tingle ın my spine, wet spot only he knows
hes a hot boy, missy sing ıt out and ım gon spit ıt
ruff ryders scream ıt loud, daddy ıs you with ıt
ıf your team cant handle my bitches then we gon ride
brickhouse stallions, keep thugs open wide, huh
ılladelphs best e-v-e stay committed
mess with many, but ıf he aint the realer
ı aint with ıt, with ıt

yo, mommy what the deal?
aint no heat fuckin hotter than the heat a nigga hold
ı think you really should be told that ı deal with long shafts
that keep a long blast (blast)
now look at a nigga and peel off fast (come on)
word you got your girlfriend
word, she can get ıt too
fuck ıt though, ım honest yo
ım saying though, lets play ıt through
getting cinematic with ıt
niggas ıf you got ıt, hit ıt
fuck the dumbness
hit ıt till ıts numbness

[missy & lil mo]
hot boy
baby you got what ı want
wont you really come and satisfy me
ı be lovin you like endlessly
(everyday all day)
hot boy
baby you got what ı want
wont you really come and satisfy me
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