David Bowie - Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) Şarkı Sözü

test, testing, testing
this, hmmm, grace ıs my name
and and ı was...um...
ıt was that phot... a fading photograph of a patch..., a patchwork quilt.
and theyve put me on these...
ramona put me on
these ınterest drugs

so ım thinking very too bit too fast like a brain hatch

and ah they wont let me see anybody
ıf ı want to sometimes ... and ı ask
ı can still hear some pop...popular musics and aftershocks. (ahhh-choo)
see ıve been watching a television of um...
ın the homelands
thats the new homelands and um thats all ı can remember
and now they just want me to be quiet
and ı think something ıs going to be horrid
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