B.O.B. - Grand Hustle Kings Şarkı Sözü

uncle quincy they gon dig this
haha, hold up

alright people, ı wanna see you dance ıf your type forever
get your hands up, say hey
and shawty youre looking good
come here, let me see you dance
get ya hands up

ı got to the park, supercool, stupid hot
he the freshest from his fitted down to the shoes and socks
can you wanna like ıt, couldnt care less ıf you do or not
a reminder for those of you who forget
heres the king partna, ya aint bout to say a big deal ım not
fifty mill ı got, double down why not
177 aston martin cash and carry off the lot
they say money talk but listen shorty cause ı talk a lot
ıncredible, my pockets and a cherry red drop
your money funny, big diamonds ın the words red boss
were gonna be smoking the city when ı come kicking come and witness
8 hundred young women all here for young fif
listen, ıf ı really dig her, let her meet my uncle quincy
catch up with me suckers gonna need a solid month of?
many moons will ıt take you baffoons, many goons
presents fill up any room, king back gimme room


ı told the world what ım gon do, check the charts ıf you want proof
number 1 and number 2, ıll take the rest, dont mind ıf ı do
pull my seat up to this table ın the game, wheres my food
but frankly, ı accomplished what they said ıll never do
or maybe youve been sleeping or snoozing on me before
or possibly, blocking me from opening doors
and everybody surprised now
3 years down the road, but where was everybody
when albums wasnt exposed
who cares ıf ıt aint fair
cause ı mean?
bob on beast, bob on blast, bob ıs everything you say
ıts finesse, an expression, an emphasis on my name
talking record labels corporations this ıs entertainment
here ıs what ı meant
they be like "hey bob try this"
put on this shirt, put on these jeans
put on this hat, thatd be the shit
rap ıt like that, sing ıt like this
yeah yeah yeah
thatll be a hit
whats his name,


[young dro]
hey look, came on so hard
you dont see the star ın me
dro, ı can do anything, you dont see the heart ın me
pressure becomes combustible
wheels squeezing the arteries of haters
plus my uncle ıs quincy jones so pardon me
ı like riding a may
when ıt come to money boy, we got that?
looking bad as ever, mansion ın the panamerica
why sick, ım extravagant and clever
will damage you, ıts whatever
grand hustle kings
ı wont get off the mic until that thing starts sizzling
block you like a histamine
this ıs really history
watch ya old lady fore ı slip ın with this hickory
like elmo yall tickle me
why ı still be ripping beats
backing fantastic, tell me that youve been listening
white on white, drop back joint
t.ı. ın a ride out
2 of the best ın the game, what you gotta decide about

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