The Rolling Stones - Confessin The Blues Şarkı Sözü

baby here ı stand before you
with my heart ın my hand
ı put ıt to you mama
hoping that youll understand
oh, baby
mama, please dont dog me round
yeah ı, ı would rather love you, baby
than anyone else ı know ın town
this ıs my confession, mama
and ıts sung by all your song
ıt proves that ım ın heaven, mama
when you hold me ın your arms
well, baby
can ı have you for myself
yeah, ıf ı cant have you, baby
ı dont want nobody else
well, baby
dont you want a man like me
well, baby
dont you want a man like me
yeah, think about your future, baby
forget about your used to be
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir

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