Sabhankra - Wolf Şarkı Sözü

evil attacked the village, everyones died
mothers love cant endure, children cried
only the one survived, a little boy
shall drown ın swamp, he ıs loosing blood

beloved wolf please feed me, ım so hungry
give me fresh meat, ı have to eat
no pleasure anymore, all will be done
when ı grow up, ıll be the one

evil heard that the boy ıs alive,
sent the warrior to end his life
ıs ıt easy to take the life
from the body of chosen one

wolf carried him to towards the shore
sheltered him ın their caves
brings fourth young, just ten boys
fertiled lowland sheltered all
when they grow up they went out
found then girls and they got married
seven settled down the mountain
and wolf shows the way... she carried...
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir