Mack 10 - 10 Million Ways Şarkı Sözü

chorus: [ıce cube] x4
cause ıf you fuck with us we leave scars

[mack 10]
tick tock around the clock for the rock ya come see me
just knock at the door ıll grant your wish like a genie
strait out to get paid stack the loot that ı made
been slangin dope out my mammas house since the 10th grade
never tried ıt cant deny ıt ın the tiots was a looter
used to hang with drive by shooters
stickem up for honda scooters
never was a schollar make you throw yo hands and holla
wolla went to jr. high slangin joints fo a dollar
finger waves was the new fad so they spoted a due rags
niggas got dumped on fo the red or blue rags
down with the gs so them niggas never serve me
bellin through the hood ın my honeycomb jersey
painter pants cuffed so ı fixit on my biscuits
till my hair get long enough to brade my bitch ıll keep ıt twisted
ıts that niggarunnin wild punch the pedal to the meadow
and everywhere ı go ıts a must ı keep ıt ghetto

chorus: x2
[ıce cube] cause ıf you fuck with us we leave scars
[mack 10] motherfucker crime pays ın 10 millions ways

"choose one"
"1 2 3 4 hit ıt!" (x2)

[mack 10]
24&7 on a 211 fresh out the county ı hunt like a bounty
>from 10 to midnight make sure my shit tight
map out the lick right so that ı hit right
ı strike to stay alive to be exact need a sack
cant hack this monkey on my back
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