Mack 10 - Get Yo Bang On Şarkı Sözü

*phone ringing*
yeah ay nigga
whassup homey? this fool just came on the block and tried
who? who? smash on all the homies
nigga what happened? ay nigga get yo shit!
what happened dog? get yo shit!
what? just meet me on the block
im on my way *click*

i dont know about you but all i wanna do is get my bang on
stay strapped with a sack while niggas watch my back
well nigga get yo bang on

verse 1: mack i hear some niggas gotta problem wit the wood (wassup?)
i see the homiez got they straps & they ready in the hood
so im loadin up my weapon steppincallin up the crew cause ass-whippins we aint accepting.
and i aint lettin shit go
niggas got to back up bowdown or get wet up with ammo (blaow)
muthafuckers got to pay
run up on em like a thief in the night cause i dont play

mack10: at night i cant sleep im tossin & turninso i stray from the yak & smoke sherman
gotta hobble to my leg & the hoods gettin bigger
im paranoid sleepin with my finger on the trigga
and now my bitches stressin that im livin wrong
cause im fresh out the pen & gettin my serve on (gunshots)
its all about murda when me & sweepthru roll
so fuck da enemies & we dumpin when we see some so
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