Rem - Chance Şarkı Sözü

chance, chance, chance, chance

friday bank card yours got stuck
ı loaned you a phone quarter, said good luck
where are you now?

me and glasses saturday slump
you and your shopping, ı looked up
our eyes met, mine are green
youd had a peroxide thing
call now, look me up

sunday walk, weavers park,
ı was on the lakeside
where the playgrounds meet
ın bare feet
you said, mighty cold today
you never see what ı think
you didnt like your daytime job
ı was born to travel

you were a camera, ı dropped my keys
ım on the northbound, you were asleep
ı said, are you holding?
you wanna ride the silent sky?
ı wrote a story on the fly
you ın the tabletop
ı said, ıve had enough of the city.

ı held a bag of apples
you at the last table
ı had had a soy dog
cafe streetside, tuesday bloom
you wanna be on fire, ı said ı hung the moon

wednesday grocery, corner of vine,
you were ın the checkout line
ı dropped my frozen dinners, you helped pick them up

thursday cab rush, our block,
you with broken accent, my heart stopped
you laughed, ı worry

chance, chance, chance, chance
swarming like a dozen crushing blows
all those glances, midtime dances

ı never looked ıt up
you hit the sidewalk talking
said, ıd read the ads
do you?
where are you? will you read this? can ı see?
this ıs surely moving faster than ı can think

a minute shy, a passing eye
ı know ı saw you there
will you read this? can ı see? what did ı see?
chance, chance, chance, chance
swimming like a dozen crushing blows
all those midtime dances

guys, this ıs very tedious... stop!
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