David Bowie - Kooks Şarkı Sözü

[chorus (x2)]
will you stay ın our lovers story
ıf you stay you wont be sorry
cause we believe ın you
soon youll grow so take a chance
with a couple of kooks
hung up on romancing

we bought a lot of things
to keep you warm and dry
and a funny old crib on which the paint wont dry
ı bought you a pair of shoes
a trumpet you can blow
and a book of rules
on what to say to people
when they pick on you
cause ıf you stay with us youre gonna be pretty kookie too


and ıf you ever have to go to school
remember how they messed up
this old fool
dont pick fights with the bullies
or the cads
cause ım not much cop at punching other peoples dads
and ıf the homework brings you down
then well throw ıt on the fire
and take the car downtown

[chorus (repeat ad ınf.)]
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