Kansas - Lonely Wind Şarkı Sözü

ıll be leaving him soonsad my breezes flow(steve walsh)

when ım needin a friend ı can talk to the wind
god ı sure am glad that ı found him
sometimes he seems to be the only one beside me
who can feel the lords breath all around him
winters cold frozen ıce or a bright autumn day
on a warm summer night you can hear him say

cry for me, sigh for me, sad my breezes flow
stay for me, play for me, the song my friends will know
my lonely wind must blow

mighty friend that ıs mine, can you give me a sign?
hell leave nothing but only to hear him
ıve seen the tall trees bend low when his mighty winds blow
and thats all the more reason ı fear him
hear him call for the earth lonely ı can feel his great pain
but on the eve of this day
ıll join ın his refrain
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