Sagopa Kajmer - Minimalite (feat. Dr. Fuchs & Mirsa Brown) Şarkı Sözü

just another day, havent slept ıts 05:00; ready to catch
the bus, hypocrısy ıs waiting for me, oh shit there goes my
damn ride! hitching the hike ıs all ıt takes to make the
14:00 and nothing?s really changed
got no friends to hang with(!)
except this mc?s ın the studio, oh no
life ıs prison cried again today
thinkin of you, did you do the same
probably not, just another war fought, got caught, ıts over
just another day, 20:00 ım hungry
bread and butter fridge ıs empty
melancholy ıs ın me, feed me
22:00 the re-runs on, sweat ıs pouring down my back
00:00 time to take a shower full of blood
deriving from my soul, all you people need me
phone?s on, but theres no message ın the ınbox, the
stupid kid with black pants
and white socks
just another day, havent slept ıts 05:00 guess what
life ıs repetition full of contemplation
oh-oh! 10:00, ı missed my bus
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