Kansas - No One Together Şarkı Sözü

centuries of backward ways, have many left behind us
who can count the good men gone away
the fruits of all our labors have left us as we started
weve come too far to end ıt ın a day
ıt seems that everything we do ıs wrong
a one way trip to nowhere all along
just look around and tell me what you see
another stupid page of history

no one together, no one ıs touching ground
look at each other, chaos ıs all around
same situation, nothing ıs really new
no one together, no one ıs me and you

lo the horn of plenty ıs bursting at the seam
the harvest of the world will be our prize
we claim to know the secrets, the answers have been found
but how can one fool make another wise
cause nothings better than ıt used to be
to live and die ıs still a mystery
we take away and we give nothing back
we just consume ıt all and still we lack
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