Black Sabbath - Snowblind Şarkı Sözü

what you get and what you see
things that dont come easily
feeling happy in my vein
icicles within my brain

something blowing in my head
winters ice, it soon will spread
death would freeze my very soul
makes me happy, makes me cold

my eyes are blind but i can see
the snowflakes glisten on the tree
the sun no longer sets me free
i feel theres no place freezing me

let the winter sun shine on
let me feel the frost of dawn
fill my dreams with flakes of snow
soon ill feel the chilling glow

dont you think i know what im doing
dont tell me that its doing me wrong
youre the one whos really a loser
this is where i feel i belong

crystal world with winter flowers
turns my day to frozen hours
lying snowblind in the sun
will my ice age ever come?
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir