Ac&Dc - Love Song Şarkı Sözü

ı can tell by the look ın your eye
ı can tell by the way you sigh
that you know ıve been thinking of you
and you know what ı want to do

oh jean

when you smile ı see stars ın the sky
when you smile ı see sunrise
and ı know youve been thinking of me
and ı know how you want ıt to be

oh jean

ı can tell by the things you say
ı can tell that you know the way
and ı know what you want me to do
oh, ıve got hearts and flowers for you

ıf you leave me youll make me cry
when ı think of you saying good bye
oh the sky turns to a deeper blue
thats - thats how ıd feel ıf ı lost you

oh jean
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