Marc Bolan - Jasper C. Debussy Şarkı Sözü

jasper was born with a moth ın his mind
the moth was too soft on the curtain behind
he startled the face of a friend of my girls
he cut out her eyes and he wore them with furs
ı get half the dues, wear my shoes
tonight you might laugh while crying the news
cos jasper c. debussy, thats his kind of blues


jasper he dressed ın the darkest of clothes
he wears scarlet pantaloons and five foot one ınch hose
his face ıs like a rock and his eyes like the night
hes like a grim faced dog thats looking for a fight
silhouette looks like a furry persian rat
when you see him coming mama, youd better run
because jasper c. debussy thats his kind of fun
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